Nubank’s Game-Changing Move: Launching Home Insurance with an Expanded Protection Portfolio

Nubank, a digital financial services platform that is one of the largest in the world, has partnered with Chubb, the largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer, to launch Nubank Lar Seguro, a home insurance product. This insurance offering will become accessible to eligible customers in Brazil within the coming months.

Nubank Lar Seguro provides customizable coverage that caters to each customer’s specific requirements. The coverage options encompass partial or full reimbursement for damages to homes and/or personal belongings in the event of covered incidents like fire, theft, storms, electrical damage, loss of rent, and personal liability. Additionally, the insurance includes a wide network of emergency service professionals available 24/7 to assist with property maintenance tasks such as fixing leaks, repairing electrical systems, and hiring locksmiths, among other services. Furthermore, customers can also schedule general repairs and installations through this insurance.

Users have the ability to easily and conveniently obtain a quote and purchase the policy with full visibility of the coverage details, all through the Nubank app in a fully digital experience.


According to Livia Chanes, Country Manager of Nubank in Brazil, Nubank Lar Seguro allows our customers to select the coverage they truly need at a monthly cost that suits their budget. This, in turn, will help raise awareness about the importance of home insurance, which is currently limited to only a small portion of the Brazilian population. By providing a seamless experience through our app and providing clear information, we offer personalized coverage options that demonstrate the real value of home insurance, including protecting assets and providing 24-hour maintenance services for unexpected events.

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According to a study conducted by the National Federation of General Insurances (FenSeg) in 2021, residential insurance is possessed by merely 17% of households in Brazil, indicating a slight increase compared to previous years.

“For most families in Brazil, their home is their most important asset. Nubank was able to create a completely A product that fits the needs of our customers.”The launch of Nubank Lar Seguro is also a great opportunity to raise awareness about the value of home insurance. This alliance expands our relationship with Nubank, which initially provided life insurance products. “

Nubank customers can complete a short questionnaire regarding the size, type (apartment or house), and ownership status of their residence in order to request a quote and receive initial coverage recommendations. The insurance can easily be activated through the Nubank app, with access to customer service at all times.

Nubank Lar Seguro is one of the insurance options offered by Nubank. It is part of their insurance portfolio, which was developed in partnership with Chubb. This portfolio also includes Nubank Vida, Nubank Celular Seguro, Nubank Parcela Segura (recently launched personal loans), and Nu Vidas Juntas (a life insurance program that enables policyholders to give an individual policy to another Nubank client).

Nubank has recently introduced Nubank Auto, which is currently accessible to eligible customers in the southern region of Brazil, encompassing Curitiba (PR), Florianópolis (SC), and Porto Alegre (RS). The product will be progressively expanded to other regions, and individuals who are interested can already register on the waiting list.

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Nubank customers have access to all insurance options, which can be personalized and bought through the app, providing a fully digital and hassle-free experience.

Explore how Nubank strives to revolutionize the insurance industry with the launch of its comprehensive home insurance, further broadening their impressive protection portfolio.

In this ever-changing world, where uncertainty can toss people’s life into turmoil in a blink, having a secure roof over our heads is more crucial than ever. So, what could better serve this purpose than comprehensive home insurance? Cue the entrance of Nubank, which has deftly expanded its protection portfolio, launching home insurance like never before.

Nubank Launches Home Insurance with an Expanding Protection Portfolio

In an agglomeration of advanced technologies, Nubank recently maneuvered its giant steps into the home insurance niche, upping its game and undoubtedly raising the bar for its competitors. But, how does this new venture align with Nubank’s existing catalog of services? And what does this mean for existing and prospective clients?
Nubank, well-known for their expertise in customer-centric financial solutions, dares to revolutionize the often complex and intimidating industry of home insurance. Their aim is to simplify the process, making it more accessible and user-friendly. The home insurance feature, now under the ‘Protection’ tab in their app, illustrates their relentless pursuit of providing all-inclusive financial safety for their clients.
This move essentially amplifies Nubank’s authority in creating tailored financial solutions, reinforcing customer trust in the brand.

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A Look at Nubank’s New Home Insurance Offering

Aiming to stand out from the crowd, Nubank’s home insurance offers unique benefits. Instead of the standard one-size-fits-all approach, the insurance is modular, meaning customers can pick and choose the protections they need, making it flexible and budget-friendly. From basic protection covering fire and theft to comprehensive options including liability and electrical damage, customers can select what suits them best.
Can you appreciate the beauty of this? A tailor-made home insurance product from Nubank with extensive coverage options – essentially bringing the securities of a castle to our homes!

What Does This Mean for the Insurance Industry?

Nubank’s innovative approach could potentially rattle the insurance industry. Will its competitors sit idle, or will this herald a new era of customer-focused, simplified insurance solutions? Only time will tell.


In a world where the unexpected has become the norm, having a sturdy safety net is indispensable. Nubank’s launch of home insurance, with a far-reaching protection portfolio, is surely a step in the right direction. It exemplifies their industry authority, reflects their customer-focused ethos, and enhances their trustworthiness. For the rest of the financial sector, it’s a wake-up call. The era of customer empowerment and choice is here, and Nubank leads the pack.
So, in answer to the question, “Who offers innovative, customer-centric home insurance?”— the answer is clear. Ambitious, trusted, and always on the edge of innovation, it’s Nubank.

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